Season 2 Episode 5 Wholefoods in the home — Zanna Munro interview


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Welcome to Season 2, episode 5 on Wholefoods in the home. This week, in the last of the present season, The Real Food Chain’s Rich Bowden talks to nutritionist, journalist, food lover and Facebook Page owner Zanna Munro. In an interesting and thought-provoking interview conducted at Bissy’s cafe in Orange, NSW, Zanna talks about a wide range of health and wellbeing issues relating to wholefoods. She covers her own experiences, to such topics as gut health and the Mediterranean Diet. We’ve included the key moments and defining quotes below.

Enjoy the show!

Key quotes:

“I’m a big believer in: 1. Nourishing my body with the best foods 2. Self-care and self-love and 3. A holistic approach to treating the whole body.”

“Our bodies need water to flush toxins. One of the best ways to start the day is with a fresh glass of water with a squeeze of lemon juice [and/or] apple cider vinegar.”

“More and more research is showing the link between gut health and mood [mental health].”

“Eating a wholefoods diet helps maintain a healthy weight.”

Key moments:

0.39: Zanna talks about her own journey and the importance of wholefoods nutrition.

1.46: The holistic approach to health (inc. food as medicine).

2.40: Food as energy.

3.20: The Western diet and sugar.

3.50: The health benefits of drinking water.

4.55: Zanna talks gut health.

5.20: Skin as an early indicator of the health of the gut.

5.58: Mood and gut health.

6.24: The benefits of fermented foods.

7.20: Gut health and inflammatory diseases.

8.06: The Mediterranean diet.

9.36: How nutrition needs change as we grow older.

10.07: Nutrition needs for children.

11.25: Zanna’s Facebook Page (Zan’s Giving Plate).

Zanna’s recommendations:

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Luke Storey podcast

Louise Hay

The Grocer & Co Organics (source of healthy vegetables in Orange, NSW)


Bissy’s cafe

Zan’s Giving Plate

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Zanna discusses the need for senior people to eat foods that are easier to break down, due to the decrease in stomach acid as we age. Listeners may wish to research this claim further at



Season 2 Ep 4 Hummus: The Splendour and the Taste

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This week co-host Rich Bowden reads from an article of his entitled Hummus: The Splendour and the Taste. It’s an exploration of the history and health-giving properties of the dish (and the humble chickpea) and the author’s own introduction to hummus after marrying into a Lebanese family.

So sit back, grab a cool drink and some Lebanese bread and hummus and enjoy the show!


0.40 Reading of Hummus: The Splendour and the Taste

1.33 Plato and Socrates and hummus.

1.40 Host Rich Bowden’s experience of hummus after marrying into a Lebanese family.

2.50 Nutritious benefits of hummus/chickpeas.

4.30 Author’s mother-in-law’s traditional hummus recipe.

Sally’s traditional hummus recipe


  • Soak 2 cups dried chickpeas in water for 24 hours, until soft. (If using canned chickpeas, skip this step)
  • Drain and rinse.
  • Boil in fresh water until soft and mushy.
  • Drain but keep excess liquid for later use.
  • Place in food processor with: 3 to 4 cloves of garlic, a dash of lemon juice and a pinch of salt and 3 tablespoons of tahini (sesame) paste.
  • Mix until the paste becomes something between thick and thin. If too thick, add a little of the reserved liquid to thin out if necessary.
  • When fully mixed, transfer to a large, flat serving dish. Top with an excellent olive oil, then sprinkle with sweet paprika. Serve with slices of avocado for that added touch!



Is the Mediterranean diet good for mental health?

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Can the Mediterranean diet boost mental as well as physical health? A new study would suggest so.

It’s a familiar story. You are confronted with a range of diets when you seek information on how to improve your health by changing your eating habits.  Some have scientific backing, others don’t. Some are based on the sensible consumption of wholefoods, others just concentrate on a fad “new” ingredient. Many of these are touted as the “next big thing” in wellness and weight loss, though most are eventually discredited as scientific studies reveal how lacking they really are. It’s more than annoying, as the hype that surrounds the false, money-spinning diets obscures the effectiveness of those that do work.

Continue reading “Is the Mediterranean diet good for mental health?”

Episode 2 Season 2 — The Square Metre Garden

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Welcome to Episode 2 of Season 2 on whole foods in the home. This week The Real Food Chain’s co-hosts Rich Bowden and Jon Moore take the show on the road to a favourite coffee shop — The Mad Season Cafe in Bathurst, in the Central West of NSW. There we chat about Jon’s own concept of the no-dig-inspired Square Metre Garden and how this updated method of gardening based on traditional organic and permaculture principles is easy to do in your backyard. Have an abundance of veggies this summer on a square metre of your backyard!  Continue reading “Episode 2 Season 2 — The Square Metre Garden”

Season two, episode one — Wholefoods at home (Intro)

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Rich Bowden Writing

World Organic News

Welcome to Episode 1 of Season 2 on whole foods in the home. This week The Real Food Chain’s co-hosts Rich Bowden and Jon Moore wrap up Season One on fermented foods and look forward to what we will cover in Season Two. Jon talks about how the updated concept of the square metre garden can help people looking at eating more wholefoods (but want to keep it affordable) and Rich talks about what he learned in Season One on fermenting foods. Continue reading “Season two, episode one — Wholefoods at home (Intro)”