Podcast one step closer!

One of the big things we set out to achieve when we launched the RFC website was to produce a high standard podcast on a single topic each fortnight. (We may vary this depending on what you — the listener — suggest!). Based on chat and interviews with guests, the podcast will consist of a range of subjects and questions of interest to you, the consumer (or potential consumer) of organic food.

Take for example the subject of fermented foods. The subject has taken off in recent times as people have learned the benefits of fermented foods (such as sauerkraut, kimchi and yoghurt) for gut health. We intend to cover a range of interesting angles on this topic on your behalf: how to ferment your own foods; how they actually benefit your health and the variety of such foods that you can make, or purchase relatively cheaply.

Another example is growing your own foods. We’d like to use the podcast to show you how easy it is to grow your own organic fruit and vegetables. Simple quick advice on how to grow produce suitable for your climate. Co-owner Jon Moore is an expert on organic farming and gardening and we’ll cover his thoughts and ideas. Jon already has a successful podcast and website at World Organic News and will show us how simple it is to grow healthy veggies in your own backyard.

However, we aim always for ordinary folk like ourselves. Those interested in real foods, that which their grandparents ate. Our goal is to answer the questions that we would like asked. Therefore it is your opinions and suggestions are what will drive the podcast and website. And we’d like your help. Let us know the topics you’d like covered in our podcast. We’ve listed a few in the poll below but we’d be grateful if you would add any others that you consider would be of interest to you, and help you in your quest to eat more healthy, organic foods at an affordable price.

The great news is our podcast has now been accepted by iTunes and we’re ready to go!

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