Episode 03 The Real Food Chain — Melinda Blundell interview

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Welcome to episode 3 of The Real Food Chain podcast!

This month our program is based on a fascinating interview The Real Food Chain’s co-host Jon Moore conducted with Melinda Blundell, owner of EMU Wellness, a holistic lifestyle training company based in the Lower Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia. Mel’s a functional nutritionist, presenter and wellness advocate and has spent the last five years teaching people the benefits of wholefoods and balanced gut health after making dietary changes that completely eliminated her own physical and mental symptoms.

In the interview, Mel talks about such issues as the relevance of gut health to mental and physical health, as well as the destructive effect on good gut bacteria caused by antibiotics and the Western diet (think processed food!). She describes the way science has now confirmed that our gut biota can determine, not just our health, but moods and can even help reduce depression. Mel uses her own experience to show how people’s health and lives can be changed by a more holistic, gut biota-focused diet.

“We’re not just what we eat, we are what we absorb,” — Melinda Blundell.

Interested in finding out more about gut health? Why not register for one of Mel’s gut health workshops? More details here.

Now sit back and enjoy episode three of The Real Food Chain’s podcast.

Mel’s links and suggestions:

EMU Wellness Facebook Page

Recommended site by Melinda: Dr Axe — (excellent information and graphics)

Recommended author by Melinda: Dr David Perlmutter. Books available here.

Host links:

Jon Moore’s World Organic News.

Rich Bowden’s Rich Bowden Writing

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