A tour of Margaret Paton’s permaculture inspired garden

An invitation to Margaret Paton’s garden in Blayney, in the Central West of NSW, is to witness what can be achieved with a bit of work, a touch of vision and a love of organic gardening. It is also a chance to wander through a cornucopia of produce and a perfect example of how even small yards can go a long way to providing the chemical-free veggies of a small family.

A freelance writer and teacher, Margaret took us on a tour of her front and back yard which was still producing fruit and veggies, even as the cold frosts of autumn began.

As we walked through the head high Jerusalem artichokes — in true permaculture tradition Margaret uses this in a number of ways — as a food, shelter and display crop, she gave some idea of which authors and thinkers first inspired her to get into permaculture and organic gardening.

Margaret told The Real Food Chain that though she took inspiration from authors and permaculture practitioners Bill Mollinson, Rosemary Morrow and Linda Woodrow, the design of her property was based on her own ideas about the best plants to grow for the cool Central Tablelands climate.

Interested in hearing more about Margaret’s permaculture and organic living philosophy? She gave an excellent interview for The Real Food Chain here in Episode 02.



So is there one vegetable that Margaret recommends for those just starting out in organic gardening? One that is versatile, tasty and repairs soil? Check the excerpt of the interview below to find out.

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