Season 1 Episode 2 — Susan Goodwin interview

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Welcome to Episode 2 of Season 1 on Fermenting Foods. This show we talk to fermenting food advocate and health food adept Susan Goodwin and ask her about her experience starting off with making kefir and the change in attitude to probiotics in the North Coast of NSW over the past few decades.

Susan gives some great advice for families looking to introduce a better gut health diet, talks about the health benefits of probiotics and the change a small amount of kefir has done to her grandson’s health.

Key quote:

“People are astounded by how much they can help themselves when they have fermented foods.”

Key segments:

2.10 Starting out experimenting with fermented foods.

4.25 Kefir or yogurt?

7.25 The change in attitude to prebiotics/probiotics.

9.19 Sue’s advice to young families.

10.21 How kefir helped with Sue’s grandson’s reflux.

And if you’d like to find out more about Susan and Tom’s excellent shop selling fermented goods, pop into their shop next time you’re on the North Coast of NSW.

Susan’s contact details:

Shop 6,

Princess St Arcade,

Macksville NSW

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