Season 1 Episode 4 — Christine Corner interview

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Welcome to Episode 4 of Season 1 on Fermenting Foods. This week the RFC’s Rich Bowden talks to Christine Corner, founder of fermented foods company Crave Natural. Listen as Christine talks about her own health problems that led her to trying probiotic-rich food as an alternative, as well as how ordinary folk like you and me can benefit from such products as sauerkraut and kefir.

Key quotes:

“Fermented foods are wide and varied.”

“It’s a misconception that you have to eat huge amounts of sauerkraut [to gain benefit].”

“Fermented foods was the ‘missing link’ to better gut health.”

 Key moments

1.35: Christine talks candidly about her own gut health issues that got her looking for an alternative healing mechanism.

2.12: The role of permaculture in Crave Natural

5.07: Why fermented foods are “transformative foods”.

8.50: Why our Western diet lacks fermented foods compared to other cultures.

9.24: The importance of educating people in this ancient knowledge.

11.20: Advice to incorporate more fermentation in our diets.

Book recommended by Christine

Wild Fermentation — Sandor Katz

Interested in contacting Christine to find out more about her workshops and fermented foods? Contact Crave Natural at the Facebook Page: or email address: cravenaturalfood@gmail.


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