Season two, episode one — Wholefoods at home (Intro)

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Welcome to Episode 1 of Season 2 on whole foods in the home. This week The Real Food Chain’s co-hosts Rich Bowden and Jon Moore wrap up Season One on fermented foods and look forward to what we will cover in Season Two. Jon talks about how the updated concept of the square metre garden can help people looking at eating more wholefoods (but want to keep it affordable) and Rich talks about what he learned in Season One on fermenting foods.

Key quotes:

(Fermenting) “A food that is more nutritious than when you started.”

(Organic backyard food growing) “It’s all about closing the circle.”

 Key moments

1.47: Jon talks about the square metre garden and how this can be used in the backyard.

4.39: Rich discusses the lessons learned in Season One.

7.35: Vegetables to plant for fermenting.

8.39: A look at Season Two.

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