Episode 2 Season 2 — The Square Metre Garden

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Welcome to Episode 2 of Season 2 on whole foods in the home. This week The Real Food Chain’s co-hosts Rich Bowden and Jon Moore take the show on the road to a favourite coffee shop — The Mad Season Cafe in Bathurst, in the Central West of NSW. There we chat about Jon’s own concept of the no-dig-inspired Square Metre Garden and how this updated method of gardening based on traditional organic and permaculture principles is easy to do in your backyard. Have an abundance of veggies this summer on a square metre of your backyard! 

Key moments

0.54: The difference between the square metre and square foot concept of gardening.

1.39: How did Jon discover his version of the sq. metre garden?

3.47: Jon’s recommendations for productive vegetables for the square metre garden.

4.56: Benefits of a sq. metre garden for those of us on a budget.

6.30: Getting the right plan!

7.57: Jon talks in more detail on the “no-dig” system of gardening.

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You can get a copy of Jon’s Square Metre Gardening by sending an email to square@worldorganicnews.com

Jon’s book recommendations for further research:

The Complete Book of Self Sufficiency — John Seymour 

Natural Way of Farming — Masanobu Fukuoka

The World Organic News No Dig Gardening Book

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