Season 3 Episode 1 Wholefoods in the marketplace — How to save on organic food and support the local community

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Welcome to Season 3, episode 1, the first in our series on Wholefoods in the marketplace. This week, as an introduction to the new season, The Real Food Chain’s Rich Bowden reads from an article written for The Real Food Chain’s website. Key moments and defining quotes have been included below.

Enjoy the show! Have a happy, safe and relaxing Christmas and New Year!

Key quotes:

“Farmers’ markets are vibrant community spaces where everyone from local producers to backyard amateurs get the chance to sell their produce.”

“The concept of “keeping it local” gives local farmers another outlet to sell their wares, an important consideration where competition is intense with supermarkets selling imported goods and from other regions in Australia.”

“…buying locally-grown (often organically-grown) produce at farmers’ markets will help support our local farmers and suppliers while you purchase fresh, healthy food at a discounted price.”

Key moments:

0.05: Introduction to the reading.

0.50: Finding reasonably-priced wholefoods to buy.

1.38: Saving money on organic food at farmers’ markets.

1.54: Supporting the local community.

2.30: The big range of products at the markets.

3.10: Our favourite stall.

3.30: Giving farmers, stallholders a chance against the bigger supermarkets.

4.03: Danielle Stonestreet quote.

4.48: The comeback of farmers’ markets.

5.30: Finish.


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