Season 3 Episode 2 Wholefoods in the marketplace — In Defence of a Modern Yeomanry

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Welcome to Season 3, episode 2, the second in our series on Wholefoods in the marketplace and our first for 2018. This week, co-host, writer, podcaster and organic farmer Jon Moore reads his article “In Defence of A Modern Yeomanry – Small mixed farms as the answer”. Before we get to the reading through, Jon was kind enough to answer a few questions on the subject. 

Key moments and defining quotes have been included below.

Enjoy the show!


Key quotes:

“It’s a self-sustaining system and it’s worked for a long time.”

“Famines have always been associated with political decisions.”

“The more smallholders there are putting carbon back into the soil, the less [climate] variation there will be.”

“[The organic smallholder farmer] becomes more of an observer than a doer.”

Key moments:


0.35: Introduction to Q & A between co-hosts Rich Bowden and Jon Moore.

0.58: The benefits of small area farms.

1.27: The origins of modern organic agriculture.

1.52: Discussion of the “Back to the Land” movement of the 60s and 70s.

2.30: “One Straw Revolution”Fukuoka

3.30: The “Do Nothing” approach to organic farming.

5.02: The benefits to the community of this method.

5.50: Famines and political systems.

6.08: Smallholders and climate.

6.43: Observing the land.

7.28: Reading of In Defence of a Modern Yeomanry: Small mixed Farms as the Answer by Jon Moore.

(Article can be read here at World Organic News.)


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