Season 3 Episode 3 Wholefoods in the marketplace — Wholefoods trends for 2018


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Welcome to Season 3, episode 3, where your co-hosts Rich Bowden and Jon Moore discuss a few hot wholefoods trends for 2018, including the rise of gut health, how grass-fed meat is — thanks to millennials — become more popular than ever, and the rise of organic food now that it has hit the mainstream market in a big way. Rich and Jon also take a fascinating detour into regenerative agriculture, the boom in interest in repairing the land and how this is affecting the wholefoods meat market.

See below for key moments and quotes. Please enjoy the program!


Article links

The 9 Organic and Sustainable Food Trends Taking Over 2018

Healthy Food Trends 2018

The Urban List

Key quotes:

“Using the stock to heal the land.”

“[Organic food consumption] is a growing trend rather than a passing fad.”

“People don’t want to be poisoned!”

“People are just offended by animal cruelty when exposed to cattle-fed lots.”

“Everyone needs to fix their gut biome.”

Key moments:

0.47 First quote from Organic Authority “The Growth of Organics in 2018.”

0.59 Millennials credited for increase in organic food consumption.

1.30 (Jon) Organics as a growing trend.

1.44 Back to the land movement.

2.44 People are becoming more aware, they don’t want to be poisoned.

2.57 The trend towards grass-fed meat.

3.46 The offence people generally feel when exposed to cattle-fed lots.

4.10 Regenerative agriculture

5.10 Jon explains the benefits of regenerative agriculture for the soil.

5.56 How the pasture gets a chance to regrow.

7.01 How regenerative agriculture has grown into a worldwide phenomenon.

7.45 Joel Salatin, Charles Massey.

8.43 Reversal of attitudes towards fat.

9.15 Butter and bacon fat.

10.08 Fat and the lactose tolerance gene.

10.44 The big gut health food trend. Will it continue in 2018?

11.23 Microbiotic rich food not just for gastro challenged folk.


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