Season 3 Episode 4 — Interview with the Mad Season Cafe’s Queenie Green

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Queenie Green, Mad Season Cafe

Address: 49 William St

Bathurst, New South Wales



Oberon Lynden Lamb

Blayney Farmers’ Markets

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World Organic News

Welcome to Season 3, episode 4, a very special show where we interview Queenie Green of the Mad Season Cafe in Bathurst NSW. Queenie talks about the origins of the cafe, her (and her partner Valentine’s) love of wholefoods, the philosophy underpinning the cafe, the wonderful, quirky atmosphere, local farmers markets and the strength of the Central West organic farming community. And lots, lots more!

See below for key moments and quotes. Please enjoy the program! 

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Key quotes:

Jon: “Talk to the [farmers], ask how they produce.”

Jon: “Farmers’ markets are a good place to find supplies.”

Jon: “Trunkey Creek bacon tastes so good!”

Jon: (Referring to the Made Season Cafe) “Poise comes with being unhurried.”

Queenie: “We describe the cafe as ‘our dining room’.”

Queenie: “A safe, cosy place to catch up.”

Queenie: “Valentine and I have very different styles of cooking…however they complement each other.” “We do endeavour to make everything ourselves.”

Queenie: “When things are in abundance, we try to jar as much as we can ourselves.”

Queenie: “We were very lucky to discover Lynden Lamb.”

Queenie: “[We find that] a lot of the local farmers come to us.”

Queenie: “Blayney Markets was amazing!”

Key moments:

0.52 Jon Moore introduction

1.08 The Central West as Sydney’s food basket.

2.31 Growth of farmers’ markets in the Central West/Blue Mountains areas.

3.26 Permaculture ethos

7.40 Queenie interview commences.

7.45 The Mad Season Cafe philosophy.

8.29 The importance of the atmosphere of the cafe.

8.50 The backstory behind the cafe.

8.56 The King Street, Newtown connection.

10.54 How having a child suffering from allergies has influenced the diet of the whole family.

12.46 The differing styles of cooking at the Mad Season.

13.20 Making everything ourselves at the cafe.

13.53 Jar their own food during the abundant months.

14.30 Queenie talks about Oberon Lynden Lamb and her love of its philosophy.

16.05 The strength of the local farmers’ markets.

16.37 Farmers’ markets and Trunkey Creek bacon.

16.59 Advice for people looking to include more organic food in their diet.

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