Season 3 Episode 5 — The End of Plenty, book by Joel K. Bourne

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Welcome to Season 3, episode 5 of the season dedicated to wholefoods in the marketplace. This week, your co-hosts Jon Moore and Rich Bowden take a long view of wholefoods and the importance of organic food in the need to feed the world. We discuss — and read Rich’s review — of the brilliant book The End of Plenty by environmental journalist Joel K. Bourne.

See below for key moments and quotes. Please enjoy the program!

Key quotes:

“No-one would’ve been part of [the cruelty to farm animals we see today].”

“[Industrialised farming] is an environmental disaster.”

“It’s all based on subsidised corn, especially in the US.”

“The fact that we may not be able to pay $3.00 for a hamburger isn’t such a bad thing.”

“There was a huge stockpile of nitrogen after the war and nowhere to use it!”

“If you leave the soil bare, it will release its carbon.”

Key moments:

0.36 Rich’s reading of his review of The End of Plenty.

(The review originally published at World Organic News)

3.57 Rich talks to Jon to discuss the findings of the book.

4.21 Kinder, more humane methods of farming.

5.40 The environmental disaster of feedlots and industrialised farming.

8.00 Jon and the benefits of regenerative farming.

8.30 The origins of industrialised farming.

10.20 How Monsanto used the genetic changes.

10.58 The need for sustainable growth of agriculture.

13.09 The damage done by the Green Revolution.

13.37 Soils and the release of carbon.

14.29 Regenerative farming.

15.58 Methane emissions and global rice fields.

17.11 Fukuoka method.

19.27 How Fukuoka’s methods are used today.

19.49 The Australian application of these methods.

20.37 End of interview with Jon.

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