Season 3 Episode 6 Wholefoods in the marketplace — Mark Spencer interview

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Welcome to Season 3, episode 6 of the season dedicated to wholefoods in the marketplace. This week, your co-hosts Jon Moore and Rich Bowden take off on a bit of a tangent from the usual real food theme by interviewing Mark Spencer — founder of the soon-to-be-released environmentally-themed podcast Climactic (5 June 2018).

In the show Jon and I ask Mark what motivated him to start Climactic, what he aims to achieve, what topics he will cover as well as how he intends to reach his target audience — regular people like you and I.  

To quote Mark:

“On twitter, facebook, instagram, and reddit, it’s @climactic. The website is and will feature articles from the hosts, and hopefully from other contributors. You can email the show,, and news and topic suggestions, guest recommendations, and personal stories of listeners are warmly welcome.

To allow enough time to get the show to a high standard, Climactic will launch on World Environment Day, the 5th of June. But look out for a trailer and maybe some special, teaser episodes before then.”

See below for key moments and quotes. Please enjoy the program!

Key quotes:

“I was always a blogger and moaner!”

“I’d been a podcast fanatic for a long time”

“I’m an ardent believer in the facts on climate change”

“I was taught to be responsible for my surroundings”

“I saw firsthand [in China] what environmental destruction looked like”

[Mining in China] “It was a war zone but it wasn’t fought by people against people but people against nature.”

“When an entire economy decides that economics is more important than the natural world”

“To be an environmentalist isn’t to sacrifice, it is to make conscious choices”

“[Climactic] is a show for those who believe in climate change and occasionally need help”

Key moments:

0.34: Welcome to Jon Moore

0.46: Jon talks about his Podcasting Essentials Webinar

1.31: Welcome to Mark Spencer

1.48: What inspired Mark to start Climactic?

4.28: Mark’s background. Did it influence his views on climate change/sustainability?

6.46: Mark talks about getting hooked on audio, then podcasting

7.23: Wasn’t raised with an environmental conscience

8.16: China experience

9.00: The environmental disaster of mining in China

9.38: The Australian experience

12.10 Regenerative farming and Climactic

14.40: Community gardens

15.22: Farmers’ markets

16.40: Mark attempts to describe Climactic in one brief elevator pitch

17.44: Launch, contact details

21.25: Finish

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