Season 3 Episode 7 — Tammy Kurtz interview

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Welcome to Season 3, episode 7 of the season dedicated to wholefoods in the marketplace. This week, your co-host Rich Bowden interviews Lynden Lamb’s Tammy Kurtz in a fascinating outdoor interview in sunny Bathurst, NSW. Tammy talks the methodology of raising quality lambs in a biodynamic system, the intricacies of the preparations and leaving better soil for generations to come. Hope you enjoy it!

Key quotes:

“It’s a holistic approach…a sustainable farming system.”

“Because I sell regularly every fortnight, I get constant feedback [from customers].”

“It always comes down to the flavour.”

“There are many aspects of keeping on top of the parasite problem in the flock.”

“Culling will improve the whole health of the flock.”

“Bio preparations help to activate the soil.”

“[Biodynamics] works from the soil up: healthy soil, healthy plants, healthy animals and then healthy humans.”

“The sun indicates a lot of what the plants do.”

“Plants may look great but they’re just full of salt water.”

“People are starting to ask: What am I eating? Where has it come from? I want to know how it’s produced, who did it.”

Key moments:

1.08: Tammy Kurtz interview commences.

1.23: The Lynden Lamb philosophy.

2.04: Improving the soil for this and future generations.

2.18: Tammy’s “yes/no” response when asked about the influence of Oberon’s cold climate.

3.21: The benefits of running White Suffolk lambs at Lynden.

4.38: Constant feedback.

5.04: Tammy talks the flavour of her product.

5.31: Keeping lambs parasite free under a biodynamic system.

8.17: Tammy takes us through biodynamics, and describes how it works and how it improves the health of soil, plants and animals.

8.19: Bio preparations.

9.30: Tammy explains the biodynamic version how plant roots operate and how they affect the health of the plant.

12.02: Biodynamics and the nutrients in the soil hummus.

14.02: Is biodynamics the secret to the flavour of Lynden Lamb?

14.32: Difference between biodynamics and organic.

15.40: Alex Podolinsky

16.24: Where to buy Lynden Lamb.

17.40: The benefits of working with biodynamic butchers.

18.53: Direct marketing of butchers.

20.10: The connection between farmer and consumer.

20.45: End of interview.


Start chat with Jon Moore

21.24: Are the soil regeneration methods such as those practiced by producers like Tammy the future for farming?

22.25: Jon discusses Tammy’s ethos of building soils for future generations.

23.20: How do biodynamic preparations fix and improve soils?

24.20: The story of how Tammy’s family first began biodynamic farming.

26.16: Jon discusses his “recarbonise the soil” project.

29.19: Finish of show.

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