Season 4 Episode 2 Recycling, reuse and waste management — Mark Spencer interview

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Welcome to Season 4, episode 2, where we talk to Mark Spencer — founder of Climactic — a new podcast to be released (appropriately) on Earth Day, all about climate change and sustainability.

Key moments:

0.04: Introduction to the show.

0.37: Introduction to the interview.

0.53: Interview with Mark Spencer

1.09: Preparations for launch of Climactic podcast.

1.47: Mark talks about his Intentionally Inspirational interview.

2.35: The reaction from people about the podcast.

3.25: Groundswell effect.

4.12: “We all just waking up to this”.

5.16: The support in the Central West of NSW for the show.

5.55: Mark’s motivations behind starting the podcast.

7.20: Arrival in Australia as an inspiration.

7.43: Taking responsibility.

8.48: “It was more of a transition”.

9.41: Moving to China was a great influence.

10.02: “Hyper industrial conditions”.

10.51: Quitting a job to take responsibility for pollution.

11.57: Mindsets.

12.04: The concept that country people don’t accept climate change is debatable.

13.34: The conversation with Gerry Gillespie.

13.45: Returning waste to the soil.

15.11: “Soil is a valuable commodity”.

15.44: The need for organic replenishment.

16.08: Mark’s organic waste management (or lack of it) in his new flat.

19.06: Solving waste problems in the city.

19.56: Thursday 17th May is first monthly episode of Climactic.

20.12: The importance of recycling waste in cities.

21.35: Discussion of what will be covered on Climactic.

22.53: Finish.

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