Who’s behind The Real Food Chain?

The Real Food Chain is the work of Rich Bowden and Jon Moore, a pair of idealistic and insufferable reprobates, with a love of (in no particular order); thinking outside the square, organic practice and wholefoods. Coffee’s in there somewhere as well.



Jon is an organic farmer, earth philosopher, author, advocate and podcaster/webmaster.

Jon runs the  World Organic News blog and podcast!




Rich is a business writer with an interest in writing for wholefoods and renewable energy companies. He talks about his motives for the website in an interview originally published in Orange City Life.

Interested in working with Rich? Contact him at his writing business site Rich Bowden Writing.

Our story

We have shared ideas, thoughts and occasionally outlandish visions on wholefoods and organic food growing — and their relevance in today’s society — for over a decade. This has occurred mostly over a few coffees, with the outlandishness of the visions in direct proportion to the number of coffees consumed!

We believe strongly that access to organic food should be available to all. Not just those in higher income brackets. Revolutionary huh?

Both of us agree on the need for a return to organic practices to ease dietary problems, boost nutrition, care for our land and farmers and reduce pests and diseases. Both of us are intrigued with food as medicine and a wholefood diet and organic farming as the basis for great health.

Jon has written extensively on this subject in a number of books. [Click here!]

Our aim for this website is to articulate these points of view through articles, links, podcasts and curated content. Handy information that folk can use in their daily lives.

We want to create a discussion that gives everyone access to information on organic wholefoods, putting this in an Australian context. That’s why we want to hear from you to find out what it is that you want us to cover: from food as medicine, to the latest wholefood dietary trends and more.

Of course there’s only one quote that could summarise all this:

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food ~ Hippocrates



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