RFC News brief 31012018

  • Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal is using his non-profit group The Kitchen Community to bring real food to schools across the U.S. Musk said his aim was to bring real change across schools to impact kids early in life.┬áStory at Ecowatch
  • App to allow people to manage a virtual farm. This will allow them to win points towards purchasing vegetables, fruit, farm tools and virtual products. Read at Progressive Grocer.
  • Cork producers support the “real food revolution”. Farmers moving away from faddish “health foods” to more substantial crops. Evening Echo.
  • Fears of food security issues in the UK as Brexit looms. Farming bodies say the sector should not be ignored in the rush to import cheaper food. Farming UK.
  • Monsanto found to be behind attacks on organic food. A spokesperson who wrote recent article disparaging organics in Newsweek found to be a┬áchemical giant mouthpiece. See Organic Consumers for the story.