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Welcome to Episode 3 of Season 1 on Fermenting Foods. This show is the first in our supplementary series where co-hosts Rich Bowden and Jon Moore discuss topics of interest raised in a previous interview. This show we talk about the issues raised by fermenting food advocate and health food adept Susan Goodwin.

Listen as Jon talks about the history of fermenting foods, why it has played such a big part in our culture and the availability of knowledge about fermenting techniques.

Key quote:

“It’s like the difference between [shop-bought white bread] and homemade sourdough. It’s real food.”


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Margaret’s Easy Peasy Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Nothing beats the warmth and taste of a wonderful pumpkin soup. But the preparation can be fiddly, particularly time taken over the peeling of the pumpkin. Not a problem says guest author Margaret Paton — freelance writer, teacher and organic gardener, who gives us a few ideas on how to cook this wonderful recipe easily and quickly, with definitely no compromise on flavour, and with a few time-saving tips thrown in!

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Jerusalem artichokes for chips like you’ve never tasted them before

Margaret’s JA chips

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A tour of Margaret Paton’s permaculture inspired garden

An invitation to Margaret Paton’s garden in Blayney, in the Central West of NSW, is to witness what can be achieved with a bit of work, a touch of vision and a love of organic gardening. It is also a chance to wander through a cornucopia of produce and a perfect example of how even small yards can go a long way to providing the chemical-free veggies of a small family.

A freelance writer and teacher, Margaret took us on a tour of her front and back yard which was still producing fruit and veggies, even as the cold frosts of autumn began.

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Episode 03 The Real Food Chain — Melinda Blundell interview

Listen to the show here: PODCAST LINK

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