Support your community while saving on organic food at farmers markets

Farmers marketsWherever you live in Australia, you’re bound to be close to a farmers’ market. These are the vibrant community spaces where everyone from local producers to backyard amateurs get the chance to sell their (mostly) organic produce. There is usually entertainment, events for kids, great coffee, and of course many, many food stalls (depending on the size of the market). It’s an event that brings the community together. Just as importantly though, it’s a great place to save money on organic food. Continue reading “Support your community while saving on organic food at farmers markets”

Tackling the cost of organic food

food-healthy-vegetables-potatoesOne of the themes we will explore at The Real Food Chain is the relatively high cost of organic foods. We want to know how to get around this problem, how we can boost our health without having to spend too much money. In doing so we ask the very real questions: Why are organic foods more expensive? Why can’t people do their food shopping each week for no or little extra cost than a basket of sprayed veggies? What are the options to save money?

As anyone who has shopped will say, it is often the case that true organic food comes with a premium that pushes it out of the range of ordinary folk, no matter how much they want to improve their family’s diet. Shopping for the week’s meat, fruit and veggies would seem only be the preserve of the well-to-do unless you live on an organic farm. This may be overstating the point a bit but it contains a germ of truth! Continue reading “Tackling the cost of organic food”