Season 3 Episode 3 Wholefoods in the marketplace — Wholefoods trends for 2018


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Welcome to Season 3, episode 3, where your co-hosts Rich Bowden and Jon Moore discuss a few hot wholefoods trends for 2018, including the rise of gut health, how grass-fed meat is — thanks to millennials — become more popular than ever, and the rise of organic food now that it has hit the mainstream market in a big way. Rich and Jon also take a fascinating detour into regenerative agriculture, the boom in interest in repairing the land and how this is affecting the wholefoods meat market.

See below for key moments and quotes. Please enjoy the program! Continue reading “Season 3 Episode 3 Wholefoods in the marketplace — Wholefoods trends for 2018”


Kefir: The hardest working grains in the business

Kefir in a glass

What on earth is kefir? This was my initial reaction when my research first took me to the topic of fermented milk-based drinks. I had heard about yoghurt of course, and had a vague idea of what lassi was (combination yoghurt or buttermilk and water drink) but had no idea of kefir.

I needed to find out quickly for I had a deadline to write on this topic. So I put aside a weekend to research the topic. What I discovered about milk kefir over the two days both astonished and inspired me. Continue reading “Kefir: The hardest working grains in the business”

Episode 03 The Real Food Chain — Melinda Blundell interview

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Welcome to episode 3 of The Real Food Chain podcast!

This month our program is based on a fascinating interview The Real Food Chain’s co-host Jon Moore conducted with Melinda Blundell, owner of EMU Wellness, a holistic lifestyle training company based in the Lower Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia. Mel’s a functional nutritionist, presenter and wellness advocate and has spent the last five years teaching people the benefits of wholefoods and balanced gut health after making dietary changes that completely eliminated her own physical and mental symptoms. Continue reading “Episode 03 The Real Food Chain — Melinda Blundell interview”