Season 2 Ep 4 Hummus: The Splendour and the Taste

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This week co-host Rich Bowden reads from an article of his entitled Hummus: The Splendour and the Taste. It’s an exploration of the history and health-giving properties of the dish (and the humble chickpea) and the author’s own introduction to hummus after marrying into a Lebanese family.

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Hummus: the splendour and the taste

800px-Hummus_from_The_Nile Credit Paul GoyetteBelieved to be one of the most ancient foods known to civilisation, hummus is both delicious and very healthy. It’s also not that difficult to make, though a special “touch” is required to make it taste superb. My mother-in-law Sally has that ability (more on Mum below), however it’s a fairly basic recipe that anyone can try and deliver great results. The fact that it can be made quickly and easily at home is important as much of the store-bought version of the dish is often blanded down, has preservatives and sugar added and is an inferior taste to the homemade version!

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