Episode 2 Season 2 — The Square Metre Garden

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Welcome to Episode 2 of Season 2 on whole foods in the home. This week The Real Food Chain’s co-hosts Rich Bowden and Jon Moore take the show on the road to a favourite coffee shop — The Mad Season Cafe in Bathurst, in the Central West of NSW. There we chat about Jon’s own concept of the no-dig-inspired Square Metre Garden and how this updated method of gardening based on traditional organic and permaculture principles is easy to do in your backyard. Have an abundance of veggies this summer on a square metre of your backyard!  Continue reading “Episode 2 Season 2 — The Square Metre Garden”

UK sees dramatic boost in organic food sales in 2016

News Information Newsletter NewspaperAccording to the United Kingdom’s the Soil Association, sales of organic food in the country grew by 7.1 percent to £2.09 billion ($3.38 billion). The association’s Organic Report, published in February, found organic now accounts for 1.5 percent of the total UK food and drink market.

The strong growth reflects recent findings from research group England Marketing that showed 39 percent of British shoppers bought organic food and drink regularly and 80 percent said they had some knowledge of organic food and how it was produced. Continue reading “UK sees dramatic boost in organic food sales in 2016”

Tackling the cost of organic food

food-healthy-vegetables-potatoesOne of the themes we will explore at The Real Food Chain is the relatively high cost of organic foods. We want to know how to get around this problem, how we can boost our health without having to spend too much money. In doing so we ask the very real questions: Why are organic foods more expensive? Why can’t people do their food shopping each week for no or little extra cost than a basket of sprayed veggies? What are the options to save money?

As anyone who has shopped will say, it is often the case that true organic food comes with a premium that pushes it out of the range of ordinary folk, no matter how much they want to improve their family’s diet. Shopping for the week’s meat, fruit and veggies would seem only be the preserve of the well-to-do unless you live on an organic farm. This may be overstating the point a bit but it contains a germ of truth! Continue reading “Tackling the cost of organic food”

Awareness and incomes driving spike in demand for world organic food


Latest findings from leading market consultancy firm Allied Market Research has found that demand for organic food and beverages will reach $327.6 billion by 2022 — an increase by a factor of three over the 2015 market. Continue reading “Awareness and incomes driving spike in demand for world organic food”